Q. What age can you do archery from?

A. We run Soft Archery for ages 4-8 and we run Archery from age 8 and over.


Q. Do I need to be a member of Archery GB?

A. For a Have-A-Go and Beginners Course you are covered by the Club/Coaches Archery GB, Once you have completed your course to shoot at any club you are required to have an Archery GB membership.


Q. What distance is your range?

A. We currently have a 20 yard outdoor range and a smaller 10 yard indoor range to work on technique. during the summer months we have access to a field that we can shoot up to 100 yards on.


Q. Can I use my own equipment?

A. Once you are a member of the club you are able to use your own equipment. During all Have-a-go and beginners courses you are required to use the equipment provided by the club.


Q. Can I hire the venue?

A. Yes, for further details please contact us.